Our Cup of Tea

To help mid-Cantabrian's get into the swing of Welcoming Communities, we are encouraging everyone to invite someone new to the district to have a cup of tea or coffee with them. It might be in your own home, if you are next door neighbours; in a café; or in a community setting such as a church, sports club, or school.

As Kiwis, most of us enjoy nothing better than catching up with friends, family, or co-workers over a cup of tea or coffee. It provides the perfect opportunity to connect, talk, listen, and relax. And every grandmother knows that there’s nothing a cuppa can’t fix.

Sharing a cup of tea or coffee is something that is familiar to most cultures. For example, many cultures have a deep connection with tea, which in some cases dates back thousands of years. Often it is ceremonial and the mark of being a welcoming host.

So put the kettle on and let’s make Ashburton more welcoming one cup at a time.

Why not share your cuppa with others by posting a picture with your new friend on our Facebook page; WelcomingCommunitiesAshburtonDistrict #ComeOverForACuppa

Useful Links

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Welcoming Communities New Zealand is a government initiative led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs (including the Office of Ethnic Communities) and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

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