Get Involved

Becoming a more Welcoming Community won’t just happen. We need your help.

Get involved in Welcoming Plan activities - check out what is coming up below and follow the links to learn more or participate. You can also take a look at our photo gallery of past events and workshops.


Watch out for upcoming events, workshops and initiatives and keep an eye out of other activities we support on the Welcoming Communities facebook page.

In the mean time how about giving this a go?

The Ashburton Youth Council has relaunched the Weird and Wonderful Ways to Waste Time in the Ashburton district map.The map lists all of the things you and your mates (or someone new to your neighbourhood or school) can do to 'waste time' around the Ashburton District and where to find them. Heaps of activities are free. There is even a 'coupon corner' with coupons and discounts to a few businesses around town. Take up the challenge and see how many activities you can do with your new friends, work colleagues and neighbours. Download the map here. 


Learn about Ashburton District's multicultural events here

There are also heaps of other cool things you could be doing to welcome our new whānau to their new home:

  • A shared afternoon tea at your workplace

  • Host a potluck lunch or dinner. Ask your guests to bring a dish. It’s a great way to get the conversation going and you’ll probably try things you’ve never seen before.

  • Invite new workmates to after work drinks

  • Ask people that are new to the district to join your sports team

  • Ask your new neighbours to come to a movie night   

  • Set up a playdate with your new neighbours kids 

  • And of course invite them around for a cuppa

We’d love to hear what you do to welcome newcomers to our community - connect with us on Facebook and share your welcoming activity and photos.

Tips to Welcome Newcomers to our district – a place where everyone can belong

Welcome newcomers to our community WEB-1
Welcome newcomers to our community WEB-2

Come over for a Cuppa!

To help Ashburtonians get into the swing of Welcoming Communities, we have been encouraging everyone to invite someone new to the district to have a cup of tea or coffee with them.

Useful Links

Ashburton District Council

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Welcoming Communities New Zealand is a government initiative led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs (including the Office of Ethnic Communities) and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

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