Welcoming Workplaces

Join us in our five-part video series championing welcoming workplaces. Local businesses show us how they thrive on diversity and are culturally vibrant and invigorated. These videos are produced as part of Ashburton District Council’s Welcoming Plan to promote the contribution that skilled migrants make to the region’s economy. The plan was developed as part of the Welcoming Communities programme led by the New Zealand Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBIE) in recognition that whole communities are healthier, happier and more productive when newcomers are welcomed and participate fully in society and in the local economy. Businesses that make newcomers feel welcome are likely to enjoy better staff morale, increased retention and stronger business development. 

Episode 4: Talleys Ashburton

Farming is the backbone of Mid Canterbury, contributing a significant share to the Ashburton District economy. With an increasingly culturally diverse workforce operating in the district, ensuring all staff feel supported is vital to protecting the productivity of this thriving industry and the wellbeing of the community. Rakaia Island Ltd is a local farming business leading the way in nurturing their diverse workforce. Their approach to managing their team is explored​ in the second episode of the 'Welcoming Workplaces' video series. Read more...

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Welcoming Communities New Zealand is a government initiative led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs (including the Office of Ethnic Communities) and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

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